So many people have hopes and dreams that they want to fulfill and my question is always – what’s stopping you?  Why are you afraid to jump?  It’s a scary thing, but there is nothing more fulfilling than taking that chance.  To reach for what’s in your heart.

This book is meant for those that are standing on the edge of the cliff.  Looking over.  It’s an easy to read guide that takes the reader through five steps to build a parachute.  To minimize their fears.

Steve Harvey aired a video about jumping and it reiterated what I’ve always believed, what I try my best to live, and what I encourage others to do – If you want to succeed, you must jump!  But you can build a parachute first to make that jump a little easier.

We only get this one life.  Go ahead – JUMP!

– La Donna

My Diet Diary focuses on helping you achieve your weight loss goals by keeping a daily record of your eating, exercise and wellness habits. The purpose of recording your daily meals, exercise, and overall attitude is to try to help you find a pattern in your diet, and possibly recognize what makes you overeat or eat unhealthily. By looking back through the diary and assessing your behavior, you may be able to recognize and correct destructive patterns. 

To begin the diary, users will complete the “My Profile” page. Next, take a snapshot of yourself in workout gear or a swimsuit and tape it to the “Photo” page. Starting your diary at the beginning of a month is recommended. Each session allows for 31 days with one bonus page; however, users can begin the diary on any day of the month.

Download your FREE copy by clicking the link below.  Good luck!