About La Donna

SOLUTIONS!  I absolutely love finding solutions!  My goal is to continuously seek ways to help others succeed and to live their lives to the fullest.  My motto is “Love your life…if you don’t love it…change it!  Make it happy!”, and I strive to live it daily!

As a Solutions Expert, speaker and coach, I create opportunities for career, personal and business development using innovative processes, connections, training, and events through my company La Donna Finnels Enterprises.  I have over 20 years experience in business and in the oil, gas and energy industries primarily in Fortune 10 corporations.

In 2013 I founded Oil & Gas Admins International, a professional organization for administrative and support professionals in the energy industry. 

The organization was rebranded to Energy Industry Support International in 2021 to encompass all aspects of the energy industry from fossil fuels to renewables.  The organization’s primary mission is to create energy industry education and global networking opportunities for all energy support professionals through training, conferences, certifications, and industry field trips.

I authored the book Parachute Building 101a quick and easily digestible guide to help individuals have the faith to stop standing on the cliff of life and to JUMP and start living their dreams! 

I love traveling the world, exploring, creating new experiences and learning about different cultures, but my passion is creating avenues to solve problems and helping others succeed.

I am also a Zumba instructor and dance enthusiast, and I enjoy creating new ideas and projects and showering love onto my two handsome and brilliant sons.