I try to live my life 100% by faith and I absolutely believe in miracles.  My motto is…

Love your life.  If you don’t love it…Change it!  Make it happy!

I’ve always considered myself a Susie Homemaker business woman. That sounds like a total oxymoron but that’s me. A walking contradiction. I enjoy baking, decorating, creating crafts, fashion, dancing and making a lovely home just as much as I love running a business and finding creative and innovative solutions to challenges. I DO NOT consider myself a Superwoman and somewhat loathe the word. But I do enjoy both the business and homemaking aspects of my life. And I don’t believe in letting people put me in a box. Why give up one passion and lose another? Can I do it all? Maybe not. But I’m certainly going to try…and have fun doing it! I hope you have fun with me on my journey.

Join me in The Solutions Room where we will tackle challenges related to lifestyle, business, careers, and so much more from a positive perspective.  Learning together from each other.