It’s Not Hard…Just Listen.

It’s Not Hard…Just Listen.

November 28, 2018 Off By La Donna Finnels-Neal

I have often wondered how many great ideas were never heard because a person didn’t have 50,000+ followers, they weren’t connected to the right people, or they simply didn’t “look” the part.  Asking someone about their social media reach or who they know is not uncommon in our current global and digitally connected “fame culture”.  But one of the first lessons I learned during my short (very short) stint as a car salesperson is this…treat every person that approaches you the same. The man with the coveralls and dirty boots will likely be the one paying CASH. 

Being open to hear someone’s idea costs nothing…but the results could be phenomenal!  One bright idea can change the world.  Just listen.

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– La Donna Finnels-Neal